Kayla Trainer

Growing up with both of her grandmothers owning hair salons, Kayla Trainer’s interest in the beauty industry developed at a young age. After entering beauty school, it was clear that she had inherited the family’s knack for hairstyling.

Kayla enjoys the challenge of working in an industry that is constantly evolving. Because each client is different and the trends are always changing, she appreciates the opportunity to learn new techniques and build her skillset. Although she currently focuses on hair, nails, and waxing, she would like to explore more skin-related treatments such as facials and dermabrasions.

A bubbly, energetic, motivated, people-person, Kayla’s most cherished part of her job is making her clients feel good about themselves. In her personal life, Kayla loves to spend time with her family going to parks, reading, and painting.

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